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Company Foundation

Beginning of the first housing construction sites.


Investment Period

Expansion with the purchase of large machinery and cranes.


Business Expansion

Inclusion of commercial construction sites and more.


To the future

Towards sustainability at 360 degrees from materials.

Innovative Construction

Master Builders

Building sites can be bustling hubs of activity, with a wide range of skilled workers and heavy equipment working together to create structures of all shapes and sizes and building sites are a part of our built environment.

Commercial Buildings
Companies & Industrial Sites
Private Housing Constructions
Green Building in Action
Sustainability & Ecology First
Project Scheduling
Professional Machinery
Breaking Ground

The Latest Buildy Updates

Insights and Big Innovations

Installing solar panels involves positioning the panels in a location that maximizes exposure to sunlight

Construction sites are bustling places of activity, with skilled workers and machines working hard

Building at your budget with quality construction

Our Contacts


1080 Brickell Ave - Miami

United States of America



Consultancy +1 473 483 384

Planning +1 395 393 595

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